Handmade Wooden  Gifts by Penny and/or Paul Loseby

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This online store has been created so that you may view and purchase, wooden gifts made by Penny and/or Paul Loseby.  Paul is an established  woodturner turning most items but specialising in totally unique pens.  Penny is the designer, producing platters made from wood but with grain embellishment, developing stunning pictures using the timber’ natural markings.  Penny also specialises in scrollsaw work

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Fabulous handmade wooden pens made with woods from around the world.  Come with wax-sealed parchment scroll  of provenence

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Beautiful and unique wooden vases and bowls

Personalised hardwood platters with images of your home burnt into the face

Personalised wood wedding and Baby Gifts

Made Wooden Boxes of various designs including this

'Pen Seller's Display Box'

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