Handmade Wooden  Gifts by Penny and/or Paul Loseby

Totally Unique Wedding Day and Baby Gifts



Recipients have been over the moon with these personalised wedding commemoration platters.   

The wood is spalted beech but sycamore may also be used.  Such woods as oak or ash cannot be pyrographed easily so these are not offered.  The platter in the photograph is 15 inches in diameter but this may vary depending upon the wood available at the time.  As a result, the price may fluctuate slightly.

We ask that you send us a digital image of the wedding venue and we will make the platter and artistically burn that image onto the wood.  This can take 2 weeks so allow plenty of time if interested.

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £30.  Once the platter is made, we will send you a digital photograph and you can decide whether you then want to buy it.  

The price depends upon the complexity of the image but the one in the example is 15 inches in diameter and cost £160.  Postage not included

Totally Unique Wedding Day Gifts

Totally Unique  Baby Gifts


Send us the baby's name, time and date of birth,  and weight and we will make an egg cup (which can be used although they are normally treated as ornaments) with all of those details artistically burnt around the rim.

A loose thin walled egg is also provided and this can if requested, be painted with child safe paints in pink or blue.

The cost is £40 plus p&p

Obviously these are made to order but send you details and we will make the egg cup.  Once done, we will send you a digital photograph and if you are happy, we will then send you an invoice.

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Deposit Only £30

£40 + £5 p&p

Shipping to UK only

Shipping to UK only